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Display Categories

You'll notice we have organized the pages on into sections we call "Display Categories". This not only helps us keep the content organized but it also allows us to give our advertisers a way to target specific segments of our website users.

About Our Display Categories:

  • On, we have 34 Display Categories ready to show your advertisement.
  • You can think of a Display Category like a page in a magazine. Although, unlike a single page in a printed magazine, a Display Category consists of multiple pages. Not just one.
  • Each of our Display Categories is designed to include pages that have a high amount of traffic.
  • Low traffic pages are not included in Display Categories.
  • In each Display Category there are a limited number of ads slots available.
  • Some Display Categories are pages grouped together based on content topic, such as the Tags and Categories, while others are grouped together based on functionality, such as the Search and Event Date pages.

We have 30 DISCOUNTED PACKAGES in Abingdon available for a LIMITED TIME only.
To see if you qualify, Request Info here. » Display Categories:

1. Home
2. Events List
3. Event Page
4. Events List per Venue
5. Movies List
6. Movies Page
7. Search Page
8. Keyword Search Results
9. Events Tomorrow
10. Events Next 7 Days
11. Events Next 30 Days
12. Events This Month
13. Events Next Month
14. Events This Weekend
15. Events Next Weekend
16. Profile Page
17. Photo Zoom
18. Photo Album Zoom
19. Map Directions Zoom
20. Street View Zoom
21. Specific Date Page
22. Arts & Culture Events
23. Business & Civic Events
24. Children Events
25. Eat & Drink Events
26. Education Events
27. Fairs & Festivals Events
28. Health & Fitness Events
29. Music Events
30. Sports & Recreation Events
31. Abingdon Events
32. Kingsport Events
33. Johnson City Events
34. General Pages


Check with your Ad Rep to see which Display Categories are currently available for your Advertising Campaign.

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