Saturday, November 4th, 2017 06:00 PM

Aerial Photoshoots With Keith Dixon

By: Johnson City Circus Arts


Saturday, November 4th, 2017 06:00 PM
1777 Old Gray Station Rd Johnson City TN 37615
Prices Vary / Unspecified
Call Johnson City Circus Arts at (423) 782-6479


Renowned professional photographer Keith Dixon of Keith Dixon Studios is returning to Night Owl Circus Arts! Aerial arts photography is one of Keith's specialties as a photographer. We're excited that this time around, the photoshoots will coincide with Delbert Hall's 2-day Aerial Rigging Workshop at Night Owl Circus Arts, so you can make a weekend of it!

These photoshoots are done with studio lighting equipment and a large black backdrop, and over 8-inch black crash mats. Our rig points are on a pulley system, so we can easily put up any color silk or other apparatus you'd like. You can even bring your own apparatus! And we're even able to raise and lower the performer during the shoot as needed.

Some aerial experience IS required - but not as much as you might think! There will be a professional aerial instructor present throughout your photoshoot to help guide and spot you if needed, and help turn you to face the right direction. And often, it's the simple, easy moves that produce the most stunning photos!

Photoshoots are booked in 30-minute slots. Additional time can be purchased, but we've found this to be an ideal length of time for most people. We also have "experimental" time slots available, where we can play with fog machines, backlighting, strobe lights, black lights, projectors, and other fun toys!

Keith's wife, Ren Allen is a renowned professional make-up artist and body painter - one of the best in our region. She can accomodate make-up or body paint requests ranging from simple, to extravagent! Her services can be purchased for an additional price with your photoshoot.

Our pricing structure starts with a base price of $80 for the photoshoot, which gets you a 30-minute time slot, and 5 of the best high res, watermarked images from the photoshoot. If you like your photos, you'll then have the option of purchasing the full CD after for an additional $40. This gets you ALL the full-res, edited, watermark-free photos from the shoot on a CD.

$80 for a 30-minute photoshoot, includes 5 watermarked images
$40 additional for optional full CD after the shoot, includes all full res images

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