Saturday, July 15th, 2017 06:58 PM

2017 Crazy 8s-little 8s, Almost Crazy 3k, 8k Run

By: Kingsport Fun Fest!


Saturday, July 15th, 2017 06:58 PM
1800 Legion Dr Kingsport TN 37664
Prices Vary / Unspecified
Call Kingsport Fun Fest! at (423) 392-8800


Join us for one of the most fun running events in the South.

The day kicks off with the Crazy 8s Expo from 3pm-9pm. Visit lots of great local races, regional & national vendors with running and speciality items. (Inside the small gym at Dobyns Bennett High School)

6:58pm-Little 8s Youth Runs (inside J. Fred Johnson Stadium)

7:58pm-Almost Crazy 3k* run/walk. All registered participants will receive an official time and a soft tech great performance shirt. (starts on Ft. Henry Drive)

8:58pm-Crazy 8s 8k*. Run the beautiful candle lit streets of Kingsport while you are cheered on by thousands. All registered participants receive an official time, the first 2500 finishers receive a finish medal and a great soft tech performance shirt. Finish under the lights and on the jumbo tron inside J. Fred Johnson Stadium.

*BRAND NEW THIS YEAR-Totally Crazy competition. Finish both the 3k & 8k and receive a Totally Crazy medal.

Stay tuned for more CRAZY announcements and plans for 2017.



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