Fields-Penn House 1860 Museum Fields-Penn House 1860 Museum

Fields-Penn House 1860 Museum

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The Fields-Penn House interprets the lives of the two nineteenth-century families who lived in the home, the Fields in the years on the eve of the Civil War, and the Penn's in the gilded 1890s.
208 W Main St Abingdon VA 24210
(276) 676-0216


The Fields-Penn 1860 House Museum tells the story of two Abingdon families who helped shape the history of their small town in the nineteenth century. James Fields, an Abingdon brick mason, constructed the home for his wife Susan and their growing family over the period 1857-1860. Learn about how the inclusion of Georgian proportions and Greek revival elements influenced the interior design of the home. Hear about the Civil War’s impact on the Fields and how a decline in the American economy led to financial constraints on a family who had once displayed their wealth and social status in the “Best Parlor”. Investigate a Victorian bedroom to discover the history of the Penns, the second family to reside in the home. Discover family ties and how people lived in the nineteenth century. Make history come alive with a visit to the Fields-Penn House Museum.



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