Shop Local in J.C. Shop Local in J.C.

Shop Local in J.C.

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Shop Local in JC is about a new push to SHOP LOCAL! Here is the one page on FB where you can find offerings from locally owned businesses from within Johnson City, TN & surrounding areas.
116 West Main Street Johnson City TN 37604
(423) 202-7152


This initiative is to bring forth renewed thinking in shopping local. We aren't anti big-box stores, our mission is to reacquaint the citizenry in our area to thinking local first! Lets call this... "localism". We want to add to consumer awareness of all that is offered in our area!
Consider this: more of your money (dollar per dollar) spent with a locally owned business stays in this area. By supporting local businesses and events, you help weave the fabric that makes our area unique! Your support makes our area more diverse and sustainable. Shop/Dine Local!



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