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  1. Green Spring Volunteer Fire & Rescue

     Sun, May 20th -  Civic & Government 0
  2.  Sun, May 20th -  Music 0
  3. Southwest Virginia Robotics League

     Sun, May 20th -  Clubs & Organizations 0
    The vision and goals of the Southwest Virginia Robotics League are to: *Inspire more students to become engineers, scientists, and technicians. *Introduce and support a robotics based, informal education program that creates excitement about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Modest investments now can change young students’ education and career paths. Together, we can inspire tomorrow’s scientists and engineers, and improve students’ life skills to better prepare them for today’s high tech workplaces.
  4. Sustain Abingdon

     Sun, May 20th -  Clubs & Organizations 0
    Keeping Abingdon vibrant, harmonious and sustainable by building on existing strengths, exploring new opportunities, fostering partnerships, and responding to change.
  5.  Sun, May 20th -  Food & Drinks 0
  6. Abingdon Music Experience

     Sun, May 20th -  Music 0
    The Abingdon Music Experience is a program of the ACVB designed to bring great live music to Abingdon throughout the year.
  7. Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center

     Sun, May 20th -  Family & Education 0
    Established by the General Assembly in '91 to strengthen the economy of the region through the education and training of the current and future workforce.
  8.  Sun, May 20th -  Civic & Government 0
  9. Abingdon, Virginia Police Department

     Sun, May 20th -  Civic & Government 0
    This is the official Abingdon, VA Police Department page. If you have an emergency, call 911. This site is not monitored 24 hours a day.
  10.  Sun, May 20th -   0
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