Abingdon, Virginia Police Department

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Last night at the regular Town Council meeting, the Town of Abingdon Police Department recognized our three most recent retirees for their service and contributions to the community. School Resource Officer Allen Hay retired on August 1st with twenty-nine years, seven months of service; Sergeant Charlie Overbay retired on January 1st with twenty-eight years, eleven months of service; and Lieutenant Bill Snodgrass retired on January 1st with thirty-nine years, nine months of service. Each officer was recognized for their service in front of town council and presented with a service award. We are grateful for the long, healthy careers that each of these men had with the Abingdon Police Department. While they will be missed, their impact upon the agency, and their footprints in the community, will be long lasting. We wish them god speed as they move to the next chapters in their lives.