Virginia Highlands Festival

Friday, February 9th, 2018

At last nights Festival board meeting we revealed this years Highlander cover, designed by Amber Amburgey of 2Color Design. Below is the text of her talk about the cover art--so inspiring! We hope you love this as much as we do! --------------------------------------------------------- I am very excited about this year’s theme, CREATE. It embodies so much of what the Festival means to me. As Becky and I discussed the theme this year - we talked about all the ways creating is a part of the festival. Thats what you all do--each year, the Festival committees create an experience. All of the artists and artisans create the works presented at the events. And beyond that, the people who love the festival and continue to come year after year, see the opportunities to create: A love of music A passion for performing arts An eye for photography A love of nature An understanding of history A collection of antiques and crafts AND lasting memories So in the cover art I wanted to pay homage to the process of creation - to the journey. I found myself very inspired by travel journaling. My goal was to create a sense of memories - both past and those to come - like destinations on a map. I wanted to create a collection of festival icons that were reminiscent of charms on a bracelet- iconic, endearing, and sentimental. I like the reference to our beautiful mountains that the contour map infused into the design. And to break slightly away from the artistic side. From a marketing perspective, I used the premise of a journey to more fully capture and highlight how broad the festival is. Sometimes the audience needs to be reminded of all that we have to offer beyond the tents. With that, I hope that you enjoy the 2018 cover art as much as I do.