A BIG THANKS!! TO ADL VOLUNTEER JOHN BUSH...: John Bush joined Cub Scouts in Kindergarten and earned the Arrow of Light, the highest award in Cub Scouting, when he was 10 years old. He joined St. Anne’s School Troop 21 and became a Boy Scouts in January of 2014. Since that time, John has worked year round to advance in rank and to earn 36 merit badges. John is currently a Life Scout with the additional distinction of having earned the National Outdoor Achievement Award in Hiking and Camping. As his final requirement to become an Eagle Scout, John needed to plan, to lead and to complete a community service project. John, who has a love for cats, and who has volunteered for the Animal Defense League (ADL) since 2015, approached the ADL and inquired about the possibility of doing his Eagle Scout Project in service to the staff and animals of the ADL. The ADL identified the need to build Cat Scratch Posts and John got to work drawing up plans, building a prototype, and receiving feedback on his design. After several design adjustments, John gained approval and set about making and assembling 15 “scratcher kits” John then led other Boy Scouts and their parents in assembling the kits in to 15 sturdy and high quality Cat Scratch Posts. John would like to thank the ADL, his parents and all of those Boy Scouts and parents who assisted him in completing the project. John especially hopes the cats enjoy many hours of scratching the posts and resting on their cushioned tops. With the completion of his project, John is now ready to sit for his Eagle Scout Board of review which will be scheduled in late February of 2018, around the time of his 15th birthday. John intends to continue on in Boy Scouting as well as serving the ADL as a regular volunteer. John is the son of Angie and Mike Bush.