This beautiful green-eyed tortoiseshell cat was found one cold snowy night in the dark when she approached a couple of ADL caretakers in Abingdons Deadmore Street / Mink Place area, between Main Street and the railroad tracks. They could not see her in the dark but she let them know with a shy meow that she was there needing them. Other than being very hungry, she was in good condition so it was thought she had an owner, but door-to-door inquiries (in the snow!) during the next days were unsuccessful. Her perfect manners and sweet disposition indicate that she is definitely a housecat, loving attention, petting and grooming, her clean use of litterbox, food dishes and bedding. She turned out to already be spayed, and weve had her tested (negative) and vaccinated in preparation for adoption. If you recognize this lovely girl, perhaps know where she belongs, or would like to adopt her, please call Sigrid at276-608-4502. Wed love to hear from you.