Western Masters Martial Arts, Inc. 1979

Saturday, January 27th, 2018

One of my students asked me if I’d ever had a chance to train with any notable military martial artists. I’ve done a lot Of Combative Training and I’ve met Matt Larson several times at Fort Stewart. I have to say the soldier whose martial skills impressed me most - there were two - “Speedy Wilson”...I’ll tell you about the time me and Speedy were pulled over coming home from the Battle of Atlanta in 1977...😁 another post 😉...and one of our visiting tactics instructors - Only trained with the guy once. His name was Micheal Echanis....he was touring various bases in 1978. He had been with the 75th RANGER’s - did a tour in Vietnam and was killed in South America in the mid 80’s doing ops...his skill set was in a word “spooky”.