Western Masters Martial Arts, Inc. 1979

Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Style and discipline? I’ve always thought it better to look at the entire experience of a person. Start with the basics - are they in good enough shape to mount an attack. If your supposed to be a disciplined martial arts person - then train. Next, what’s their Collective experience - many martial artists have a depth of multiple training systems and really can’t be lumped into a style - particularly when it’s for real. When it’s real all their collective skills will come to the surface - as well as their many weaknesses. Everyone can improve and everyone has the ability to train in some and your will to fight are absolutely as important or perhaps more so then just having a collection of skills...I’ve ring experiences and war experiences - and my hunch is every style has something to offer and everyone can be defeated - so here’s the point. Don’t train to think “You’re the Greatest Fighter in history”...your not...train to be the greatest you in history...your are! WMMA CALL TODAY 276-356-3196